The Festival of Humanity & Summer Solstice

The Sun in Gemini Full Moon is called the Festival of Humanity or Festival of Goodwill when the Divine light of Wesak, at the previous month’s Sun in Taurus Full Moon, is distributed to the world.  Divine power focused and grounded by the fixed sign Taurus is shared globally during the Full Moon of the mutable, communicative sign Gemini on June 2 at 12:19 pm est.

Each zodiac sign has a Tarot card and The Lovers Key VI is Gemini’s, the card depicting home and community under the auspices of the Divine. This card signifies that it is time to put the house in order, physically and metaphorically, being aware that the home is an out-picturing of the psyche either by default or by active determination. It is also a time especially favorable for giving attention to the physical body, our true home while on the Planet. A plant-based diet, deep fresh air breathing, stretching, bending, exercise in all forms, fresh spring water, Sun gazing, walking barefoot on the Earth all nurture the body into its optimum form. The body is fluid, ever-changing as is the psyche and indeed everything in the Universe; it requires care for optimum functioning and clarity of the mental and emotional realms of the psyche.

Summer Solstice / Midsummer Full Moon, June 21-24  

The Solstice “still standing Sun” happens when the Sun rises and sets at very nearly the same place on the horizon over a four day period culminating now in the northern hemisphere with Mid-Summer’s Day June 24. Then the Sun begins to move southward again.

Midsummer is the vital peak of the annual cycle, a time it is said that magic is most potent and faeries become visible. Vital energy is the most elevated in plants and trees this time of year and in Nature Spirits as well. It is a time of transformation, great challenge and great opportunity, as that within us that needs transforming comes to the fore. 

Sunrise, True Noon and Sunset hours are particularly important during the Midsummer Solstice. The rising Sun on Summer Solstice (June 21-23) illuminates the “heel stone” at Stonehenge and the heart of the Grange, the largest stone circle in Ireland. The rising Summer Solstice Sun also shines directly down Maryland Avenueto illuminate the U.S. Capitol Dome. Streets in Washington DC are astronomically aligned; many of the nation's founders were educated in the ancient wisdom tradition spoken of in Thomas Paine’s tract "The Druid Roots of Freemasonry." 

The Summer Solstice practices are simple and fun. These include Sunrise/Sunset Sun gazing (lift palms and tone Hu to connect with Sol), full body water immersion and open air dance (clockwise ring dance three times round first to clear the dance circle) with fire leaping. (This fire can be as simple as using a candle, a single flame has a huge aura.) Fire leaping three times is traditional, preferably jumping toward cardinal points in a figure 8. First water then fire: Leap the fire heading west, the water direction, then back to leap the fire going south, the direction of fire. Anything that needs to be let go of can be brought to mind .The ritual can be done singly or in a group. Its effect is to clear outgrown patterns and old life ways in order to be aware of and act with divine purpose.

Water (yin) purifies the emotions; fire (yang) clears the mind. Full body immersion soothes emotional memory clearing subconscious imprinting from the past. The goddess Juno emerges from her sacred pool with her youthfulness and her virginity restored (the word virgin originally was used to describe a self-realized woman). Spiritual conversion through water immersion is common to many traditions including the Cherokee who practice self-immersion at Sunrise the morning after each New Moon appears. The Cherokee also immerse themselves in water at the time of every eclipse as do the Hindu and other indigenous peoples of the world. New beginnings need a dip in the sacred pool.

This quickening of solar motion at the turning point of the Solstice was celebrated in so many ancient traditions because it is when a new story begins. The hologram of the potential of any cycle is present at its beginning. A year is a combination of yin and yang. New yang enters at Winter Solstice; new yin enters on Midsummer's Eve, considered by the Celts to be the most magical night of the year.


“Through celebrations in their seasons are the deeper powers of human nature realized.” 

~ Rudolph Steiner



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Wesak is the Midpoint of the two-month Higher Interlude, the Most Powerfully Creative Time of the Year ~

Unusual things can happen at the Full Moon when the lunar orb passes through the Earth's magnetotail. Then for five days (including two days before and two after the Full Moon), solar plasma flows strongly through the Earth-Moon connection, and the Moon becomes so charged electrically that Moon dust floats over the lunar surface. This is the science; the metaphysics is that solar prana and consciousness are drawn most strongly through the Earth - and through us - when the Moon is Full.

The Wesak Festival is celebrated during the twelve hours leading up to the exact time of the Full Moon of Taurus (when the Sun is in Taurus and the Moon is in Scorpio). It is said that the Buddha was born, achieved enlightenment, left Earthly existence, and returns each year at the Wesak Full Moon. The primary Wesak ceremony is enacted in a Himalayan valley at this Full Moon, the crest of a tide of world invocation. The tradition is that for eight minutes the Buddha conducts a powerful stream of Divine energy to the world. Then the Christ distributes this power at the next Full Moon’s (Sun in Gemini, Moon in Sagittarius) Festival of Humanity.


May Eve / May Day

On May Eve and May Day, 40 days after Spring Equinox, the Clio muse gate opens and the 40-day period of the Moon sphere Yesod begins. Now we begin to ascend the Tree of Life that grows anew each year. Water and fire rituals clear the psyche so we can realize what we want to be.

Practices include full body water immersion, fire gazing, passage between twin fires and clockwise (Sunwise) circle dancing. Fire purifies the mental body as water purifies our feeling nature. Whole body water immersion clears emotional memories; in ancient Greece Hera re-emerged from her sacred pool where her youthfulness and virginity were restored.

Ritual passage between twin fires (candles can work) clears energy awry and renews good health, physical and psychic. Twin fires at entrance ways clear the way into a space. Dancing Sunwise (clockwise) around a May Pole or Liberty Tree sets the psyche free to dream the future and realize destiny. “To everything there is a season, turn, turn, turn . . .”  

This is a turning, changing time. Blessings to all!


Passover / Easter Full Moon - 2015

The annual two month “higher interlude” begins at the Easter/Passover Full Moon. Called the Festival of Shamballa, this high point of the zodiacal year begins with the Full Moon on Saturday April 4 at 8:05 am EDT. The vital force of spring pours forth from the chalice of the Easter Moon, and creative energy is at its highest potential at this time of year. The two month period that follows is opportune for realizing Selfhood, for becoming consciously involved in the new zodiacal year, the new cycle of creation.  Soul purpose and group consciousness are illumined through the Full Moons of Sun in Aries, Taurus and Gemini.

The year cycle is seeded now and set to unfold its magic. This Sun in Aries Full Moon powers the way forward. We begin to live our new story. This Easter Full Moon is the time of year when the Spring goddess Eostre and her magic rabbit bring the new “World Egg” containing all that is to be. (Look for the Rabbit in the Moon egg the next few evenings.)

The Full Moon energies flow for at least three days following the exact time of the Full Moon. Illuminating dreams and inspiration come as revelations filter down into consciousness. Spiritual forces are active, synchronicities flow, and important "chance” encounters occur. Needs felt and requests made invoke response from Angels, Nature spirits, and other universal helpers in this special time.

According to folklore, the first Spring Full Moon has been called the Worm Moon. It heralds rising temperatures, thawing ground, earthworms and robins. In the mythic tradition of Great Britain a worm is a baby dragon. The dragon symbolizes energy of Nature that pulses into new life at each Sunrise and at every Spring Equinox. The expression “the early bird catches the worm” is coded instruction about catching and claiming energy of the dragon at break of day and at the beginning of the Spring season.

Breakthroughs in understanding occur and new dimensions of being will be realized under the coming Spring Full Moons (Aries, Taurus, and Gemini). Spiritual forces will respond to meet the challenges of the time. Through meditation, release of physical tension, prayer and action, it is possible to achieve “critical mass intentionality” (a term coined by Deepak Chopra) needed to bring healing, harmony, and worldwide prosperity.


Passover begins with the first Full Moon following the Spring Equinox. Easter is on the first Sunday following the first Full Moon after the Spring Equinox. This is the day of the resurrected son and renewal of the light in Christian tradition, and it is the time of the resurrection of the Sun god Hu for the Druids.

Jesus followed the ancient Jewish celebration tradition. The Last Supper was a Passover seder. Jesus is called the last lamb of the sacrifice because his ritual drama signaled an end to the Age of the Ram (Taurus) and the ushering in of the compassionate age of Pisces when animal sacrifice is superceded. Greeting the Passover Sun is about sacrificing personal desire and remembering world need recalling our soul's purpose.

Passover commemorates the Jews’ escape from bondage.  Crossing the Red Sea (the astral waters of Mars, ruler of Aries) is an annual experience, a recurring opportunity to gain freedom from emotional bondage. 

Sunrise is the power time in early Spring, the reason for meeting the Sun on high ground at Spring Equinox, during Passover and on Easter morning


The old pagan traditions are the nourishing roots of the Christian religion. Meeting the early Spring Sun on the mountain is a custom rooted in these ancient traditions. The death and rebirth of Attis were celebrated at this time in ancient Rome: his death was mourned and his attendants celebrated his resurrection when the tomb was found empty after three days. This myth is at the foundation of the Christian mystery. 


The Christian avatar holds a special place in the cosmic scheme because Jesus lived at the close of the Age of Aries (the ram of Abraham) and the beginning of the Age of Pisces (age of the fisher of souls). Jesus lived at the beginning of this 25,920 year cycle of precession, the cycle that Plato called the Great Year. Whatever comes at the beginning seeds the whole cycle.  The spirit, love and consciousness that came through Jesus and Mary at the onset of the Age of Pisces carry through around the wheel, the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end.

FOR INFORMATION on the total lunar eclipse on Saturday 4/4 (the Passover / Easter Full Moon), see Kelley Hunter’s article “Dragon of Destiny Eclipse” at .

Excerpted from The Writings of Steve Nelson

Equinox & Spring New Moon: Sowing Seeds for Harmony & Happiness (2015)

The cycle of the year ebbs and flows like the ocean. The Spring tide comes in and the new Zodiacal year begins. Summer Solstice is the peak of the year wave; Winter Solstice is the trough of this wave. Life energy is most outgoing at the peak of the year cycle, most turned inward at the bottom. Fall and Winter are yin seasons when it is natural to look within. Spring and Summer are yang seasons more apt for acting out. Yin and yang forces of Nature come into magical balance at the Equinoxes. The Moon cycle that follows the Equinox picks up this energy and carries it into life expression. This Spring Equinox (March 20, 6:45pm EDT) and the Spring New Moon following (April 18, 2:57 pm EDT) are times ideal for sowing seeds of harmony and prosperity to come to fruition in the growing season.

A different planet rules each Zodiacal year. Jupiter has been planetary ruler during this year going out (2014). Mars becomes ruling planet at this Equinox and will power Jupiter’s expansion. Some effects of the Mars year are already being felt. The full effect becomes apparent in stages as the Zodiacal year begins. Although on one level Spring begins as the Sun enters Aries, our feeling nature may remain in Piscean end-of-cycle mode until the first New Moon in Aries. The Cherokee honor this Spring New Moon with Sunrise river bathing. Then a New Fire is begun on the ceremonial altar that will be the source of fire throughout the year, a perpetual flame for the tribe. The Cherokee call themselves “people of one fire.” They are one of the seven Iroquois tribes of Native Americans who Edgar Cayce said carry the ancient ritual traditions that are to be restored.

Although this Zodiacal New Year begins with the Sun entering Aries on Friday, March 20, the first lunar cycle following the Spring Equinox is almost a month away at the Aries New Moon April 18. Our current Jupiter-ruled Zodiacal year will linger, adding enlightenment and further expansion to fuel the Mars-ruled Zodiacal year that fully begins with the Aries New Moon.

A MARS YEAR: “Taking action to set things right” is a Mars year keynote. Individuals and groups will be working this year to correct social injustices brought to light. Any problems we see won’t be solved by focusing too directly on them. It is time to give attention to the qualities and energies that improve our lives which makes our world better. This is a pivotal time in an important year, a creative seed time for planting good psychic seeds beginning with the Spring Equinox and continuing through the Spring tide. Creation begins at the level of thought. Thoughts seeded and cultivated now will have influence throughout the year. What is planted in the “inner garden” will flower later through the year and in years to come.

A technique for creative thought forming is to repeat a prayer mantra over and over in the mind. It may even be put to music. This mantra can be visualized as a circle with the words moving clockwise. As the recitation continues, a spiral vortex is created that calls down and brings up the principle being invoked. So for example, one might think the words: “Peace is all there is, all there is is peace” or “Peace onEarth, good will toward all.” Peace will be invoked while one of these mantras is sounded.

Invoking harmony can bring up that which is not harmonious. As this process continues, obstructing patterns of belief are cleared and peace grows within. At the core of our being is “the peace which passeth understanding.” When this is realized then one becomes a channel for peace in the world.

SPRING EQUINOX is the first of the 8 Fire Festivals in the year. Fire is key for energy clearing. Warfare erupts when the way of sacred fire is neglected; the more candles are lit, the more sacred fires burn, the fewer the fires of war. Fire has a dual purpose: it purges and transforms outmoded patterns, then empowers the purity that remains. Fire gazing with yoga “breath of fire” clears negative thought patterns. What comes to mind while fire gazing is transformed. In the Cherokee tradition, every fire is a piece of the Sun. This is essentially true from a purely scientific view. Plants gather carbon atoms from the air, join them and bend them into hexagonal carbon rings that absorb and hold light energy from the Sun, the miracle of photosynthesis. The solar energy stored in these carbon rings is released in the form of heat and light when wood burns. Our bodies are heated by calories from the food we eat. All our food calories originate in the Sun - we are solar powered! And in the words of Oprah Winfrey, “The miracle of your existence calls for celebration every day."

~ Excerpted from The Writings of Steve Nelson

The Winter Solstice

Credit: NOAA/NASA GOES Project

At Winter Solstice the Druids celebrated their “Festival of Liberation,” a time when the soul is set free to dream a new world. This “day out of time” belongs to none of the 13 Druid tree months but stands apart as the Day of Mistletoe. The “golden bough” or Mistletoe is gathered on this day. Mistletoe symbolizes the Sun for the Druids and it is sacred to the Norse Sun god Baldur. By tradition mistletoe prefers to grow on lightning struck oaks and in places of natural power. The gathering of mistletoe on this day may be seen as a clever way to have people be in places of power at this special time. Gathering mistletoe on its day (Sunday December 21st this year) brings us to be in a location where soul liberation can more readily occur and the path before us can be made clear.

Winter Solstice is considered especially auspicious because whatever is seeded this day determines the nature of the year. The Druid calendar year is 13 months of 28 days, a total of 364 days. Winter Solstice, the “day out of time,” is the “day” of the magical “year and a day.” This 13-month calendar appears symbolically as 13 stars with 28 rays over the eagle on the U.S. dollar bill. Much of America’s symbolism comes from Masonic tradition and a good part of this in turn derives from the Druids. Such is the ancient gnosis coded into our western world. In truth the Druid wisdom was not vanquished but was internalized in our culture, and the internal is closer to the eternal than are external forms.

Solstice means “still standing Sun.” Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere sets the course of the New Year on Earth. Winter Solstice is a moment in time (6:21 pm EST, 11:21 pm GMT Sunday Dec 21) and it is a 7-day period (Dec 18-24) when the Sun appears to rise and set at approximately the same points on the horizon. During this time the limb of the Sun touches the Tropic of Capricorn, the lowest point in the annual cycle. Winter Solstice is to the year as the New Moon is to the lunar cycle. These cycles have similar phases, so just as a new lunar cycle becomes conscious and viable when the crescent appears on the evening after New Moon so the New Year spirit or zeitgeist becomes conscious on Epiphany Jan 6.

Sunrise and Sunset are important times during the days of Solstice and megalithic structures throughout the world align with these times. Only during Winter Solstice does the rising Sun strike the deep interior wall of New Grange, a great megalithic chamber north of Dublin. Only on Winter Solstice does the rising Sun fully light the interior of Calendar One, a megalithic stone chamber in southern Vermont. In Washington DC the Winter Solstice Sun rises along Pennsylvania Avenue to illuminate the Capitol Dome. These alignments were created more for their energetic effects than astronomical symbolism.

~ Excerpted from The Writings of Steve Nelson 


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